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Yokohama (NEUTAPE​​​-​​​019)

by Boban Ristevski & Nerve Net Noise



released February 28, 2022

Boban Ristevski + Nerve Net Noise - Yokohama

This collaboration started with an e-mail from North Macedonian artist Boban Ristevski. Hiroshi Kumakiri added the sounds of synths and kalimba to the sound sources Boban Ristevski sent to him, mixed them, and gave them titles.

The title of the album, YOKOHAMA, is the name of a Japanese city near Tokyo, where Hiroshi Kumakiri lives. Yokohama is a port city, but there is no spaceport. This album depicts a fictional world.

In the distant future, a man landed at the historic spaceport Yokohama. During his stay he wandered around the town. And finally he started climbing the steps of the Marine Tower step by step. What did he see there? And what is his true face?

Boban Ristevski
sound sources making

Hiroshi Kumakiri
synth, kalimba, mix, mastering


Boban Ristevski & Nerve Net Noise

Side A
1. Spaceport Yokohama
2. Yokohama Rose Garden

Side B
3. Old Yokohama Street
4. Marine Tower (Tape Version)

Bonus Track(for download):
Marine Tower (Full Version)


Limited to 12copies


all rights reserved


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