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LDQ Ysimaro | Anamorph Experimental Music (NEUTAPE​-​016)

by LDQ Ysimaro and Anamorph Experimental Music



Cassette Tape (limited 11copies) and Digital.


released February 27, 2021

LDQ Ysimaro | Anamorph Experimental Music

LDQ Ysimaro and Anamorph Experimental Music

01 The Sorceress Of Light
by LDQ Ysimaro

02 Nagualism
by Anamorph Experimental Music

The ability to perceive, communicate and guard the primordial creative force -, beyond time and space -, was given to those souls who have gained mastery of self and were immortal beams of ether.

Holding the stars in their balance, seeking far within the heart of infinity, the sorcerers of light were keepers of records and rulers of life and death.

Knowing the mysteries, they have descended to Earth’s plane to convey their wisdom to those who were chosen upon men. In Ancient cultures were recalled as the teachers of their ancestors and the founders of their nations.

The Aztecs believed to be ‘Nahuatls' -, the ones who have knowledge -, and have preserved it by performing ceremonial practices with certain psychoactive plants, as the intoxicant, ‘Peyotl’.

Diving into hypnotic union with the divine, the ‘Entheo-genes’ as master-plants knew to guide within and access the soul–archives and DNA blueprint.

Thus, ‘Nagualism’ became the ‘Path of the Light Warrior’; a wonder-full and mysterious journey into the abyss of the h.EAR.t-space that leads to knowledge of self and great power.

Side A. LDQ Ysimaro – The Sorceress of Light
Played with Lyra 8 by LDQ Ysimaro
Recorded @ YDOR Labs, Vienna 2020

Side B. Anamorph Experimetnal Music – Nagualism
Played, Edited and Mixed by Anamorph Experimental Music
Instrument(s): Nord Rack, Korg Microkorg, Chimes, Voice
Recorded @ YDOR Labs, Vienna 2020

Produced by LDQ Ysimaro
Copyright, 2020

Cover Photograph by Eloīza Rozentāle

My appreciation to Kazuya Ishigami (NEUS 318) for the tape release and Eloīza Rozentāle for the photography and the interpretation that gave to the piece by entitle it, The Sorceress of Light.

“Under the blue moon lies a meadow swallowed by darkness. The Sorceress of Light emits contrasting sounds of light and dark created out of stardust, drops of immortality and tales of wisdom.” Eloīza Rozentāle

‘Nagualism’ is dedicated to my initiator and leader nagual -, lineage of Carlos Castaneda -, Roberto; to my ancestral lineage and to all the male and female shamans who I had the honor to meet and co-create synergy.

LDQ Ysimaro

Anamorph Experimetnal Music



all rights reserved


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